H13-511-ENU HCNA-Cloud-BCCP practice test questions

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Share some HCNA-Cloud H13-511-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following are not VRM components of FusionCompute?
Answer: D

What are the main functions of FusionAccess? (Multiple choice)
A. assets management, manage the relationship between user and virtual machine
B. user access, users can view and operate their own virtual machine
C. Desktop transmission, using a virtual machine through desktop link protocol
D. resource scheduling, manage and schedule cloud platform computing, storage resources
Answer: ABC

An enterprise is a traditional Internet data center services provider, have self-built data center.
When the company considers restructuring towards cloud computing industry, which of the following cloud computing business model is the most likely choice?
A. IaaS
B. PaaS
C. SaaS
D. DaaS
Answer: A

When a company builds IT systems, using virtualization platform to make the physical server abstractly being combined into multiple virtual servers to use, to improve resource utilization and reduce enterprise investment costs.
Which kind of genre does the company’s use of cloud computing belong to?
A. big divided into small
B. gather small to big
C. virtualize one server to many servers
D. integrate many to one
Answer: A

The company set up a cloud computing service platform. It provides virtual machine resource to make the users in need to purchase and use. Which cloud compute deployment model does this company belong to?
A. Public Cloud
B. Private Cloud
C. government Cloud
D. Hybrid Cloud
Answer: A

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